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"This Pope is of all and with all" (commented Detained Muslim Rebibbia prison)

REBIBBIA, ROME. Thursday, October 29, 2015 you write HISTORY: Held Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist (and atheist) and different geographical origin Albanian, American, Bosnian, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Canadian, Chilean, Filipino, Italian, Liberian, Nigerian , Peru, Romania, Tanzanian ... dance all together to Pope Francis

It 'the first flash mob history in an Italian prison

It 'a unique event in world history: it is the first time Held in different geographical origin and especially of different religion, are united in a demonstration to achieve a Pope, a sign that the peaceful coexistence of different ethnic groups and different religious faith not a utopia, but it can be realized and this flash mob is the the first concrete sign that this can happen, in the spirit of what professes Pope Francis, both from the pulpit of St. Peter and in his speeches in his travels around for the world, as happened in the recent trip to the United States and Cuba

The flash mob entitled "POPE IS POP" (project planned for the Pope in the Jubilee year by Italian-American singer-songwriter Igor Nogarotto) will be the soundtrack of the event. POPPERS also participate, the Movement realizes that in Italy flash mob for the Pope since last April and flash mobs that will continue for the duration of the Jubilee

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Chi è la Donna? "D Di Donne" Igor Nogarotto

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