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NAPO "Supereroe" 2 Million views on YouTube

You can really talk about a new "artistic life" for Luca Napolitano, aka NAPO, on the radio and at the top of the main independent charts with the single song “Supereroe” (“Superhero”).

The lyric, very current, tells about a reached awareness, it tells about the moment before exit from the crisis. Sometimes you have to go down deeper to rebirth. This song is a tribute to the doctors, nurses, fire-fighters, civil protection, police and to all those people in uniform that provide a very important civil service to the citizens, risking their lives and saving ours. They are the real Heroes.

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Supereroe” was released as a single alongside the video last march and reached 2 million views during its first month, confirming the popularity of the Neapolitan singer. He’s still receiving a lot of appreciation from the audience, both national and international where are emerging new collaborations, as well.

“Supereroe” (“Superhero”) is written by Luca Napolitano, Francesco Ciccotti and Giuseppe Coccimiglio. The label is Da 10 Production.

The choice of the stage name NAPO, as he is known to his friends, represents the discontinuity with the past and it marks a very new artistic beginning, as well. Besides, the “Supereroe” lyric, characterize the new production with Da 10 Production music label.

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